LetsWatch Halloween Celebration – 28th/29th spooky weekend~!

Lots of GIVEAWAY this Halloween! (free games)   28th (Saturday 8.00PM) – Ketchup Man will give you 8 hours of non-stop jump scares and craziness! Giveaway & more details 29th (Sunday 4.00PM) – Be prepared for the mini heart attacks. Vdac2 will be live for 8 hours of horror stream! Giveaway & more details 29th (Sunday 8.00PM) – Jelly PH…

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New updates!

Check out the new bulb icon in the stream player. We added Lights Off Mode for a more comfortable watching experience on LetsWatch.

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Join Zoellie on LetsWatch!

Zoellie is a Multimedia Arts college student from the Philippines, her LetsWatch minions call her Zoe but some prefer Nini. She loves streaming and her channel is about Gaming, Art, Beauty, and Lifestyle content. Rumour has it that she is very skilled in gaming and drawing! She might do a fansign for you if you are lucky


Free Shadow Of War Mobile Game Out Now

Ahead of the main game’s release next month, a version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War for iOS and Android devices launched today. The free-to-play strategy RPG challenges you to the task of taking down Orcs and ultimately the evil dark lord himself, Sauron. Some of the playable characters include Shadow of War protagonists Talion and Celebrimbor, along with Gandalf, Gimli, and the new…

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